Jun. 3rd, 2036 11:23 am
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IP logging is off and anon is enabled.
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Hugging Hilda: If she sees it coming, she'll try to avoid it.
Kissing Hilda: Same as hugging.
Flirting: Yes!
Fighting: Ask first.
Injuring Hilda: Ask first.
Killing Hilda: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on her: Please ask first.
Offensive subjects: Hilda doesn't like talking about the time she was a queen, and she especially doesn't like anyone who knows of her time as queen calling her a tyrant or despot. She also doesn't like people trying to read her poetry.

Backtagging: Always good!
Threadjacking: I don't mind, but let me and the other player know first.
Fourthwalling: No.
Offensive subjects: I don't offend too easily, but don't make a joke of children in distress (them being hurt emotionally, mentally, physically, etc.). That's really my only button so if that's avoided, we're cool. If you have any offensive subjects you'd like me to avoid mentioning, just let me know.
Anything else? Hilda's application and some of her tags will likely directly mention plot spoilers for Stella Glow. If you'd prefer to remain unspoiled about the game, please let me know.

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Feb. 4th, 2016 08:22 pm
grimhilda: (And I've been denying)
[ Somehow, you've found yourself in the ruined city of Fahrenheit, the capital of the kingdom once called Hildegaria. The city was once beautiful and bustling, even covered in the northern snow. Now, however, there's no life or warmth to be found. The city is covered in crystals, and they vary in size from being just big enough to fit in your palm to twice the size of the buildings themselves. But, more strangely, some of the crystals have more artistic shapes than the typical jagged clusters. Such crystals have an eerily humanoid shape, as if they were carved by a master sculptor...or something far more sinister brought them into being.

You're not alone for long, though, as a soft voice comes from a few feet behind you. It belongs to a rather diminutive woman, a witch judging by her attire. ]

You shouldn't be here.
grimhilda: (I'll be back in time)

Name: Hilda
Age: 1000+
Canon: Stella Glow
Occupation: Witch of Time
Magic: Darkness-based song magic, control over Time
Weapon: Scythe, Carbuncle (dagger)


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